El Rincon de Kurai (?)
The Aztec Otaku now in Tumblr!!! I make drawings for money too XD (I need to eat TwT) // El Otaku Azteca (perdido en tierras mayas) ahora también por Tumblr!!! Se hacen dibujos por encargo. Tengo que comer 3 veces al día también TwT


Athena: Stop that! you make me angry!
let’s go to fight my dear Kyo!
For the Virgin of the industrial torpedos!

my native lenguage is spanish and trust me, this is very weird even for us.

 favorite fighting game characters in no particular order #68

→  Psycho Soldiers /  KOF - Athena Asamiya

Some Womens from KOF,in order : Angel,Kula Diamond,King,Mai Shiranui,Vanessa,Athena Asamiya,Leona Heidern,’Blue’ Mary Ryan,Goeniko. 

                                         so,who’s the queen? 

                                 all arts are made by : Accuracy0

all edits are made by : myself



sometimes i like to remember

that i have a very large

and broad variety

of Athena Asamiya

reaction gifs


The King of Fighters XIII presents a color customization feature but the downside is, the colors you can use for each character and their parts is extremely limited. Even so, I was able to make decent customizations.

Check it out~! Doesn’t that color scheme look so good on Athena? :D

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